My mantra has always been to treat our customers the way we ourselves would wish to be treated. That includes the care of their homes and businesses.
~ Kathy Whelan-Loeffler, Owner

Our Pledge to You

We are a locally owned and operated business located in Dothan, Alabama. You will always be dealing with people from our own community, not a 1-800 number located somewhere that sends out subcontractors. Each person you meet is an actual employee of our company who has been carefully vetted.

We are fully licensed, insured and bonded

We have several practices in place to keep cross contamination at it's lowest possible factor. Items such as thoroughly cleaning our equipment between client appointments (down to even cleaning the wheels on our vacuums)

NEVER using the same cleaning cloths, dusters etc used prior (We supply fresh laundered materials for each home)

We use different colored microfiber cloths throughout the home for different tasks - And we NEVER use the same cloth used to clean your toilets anywhere else. It goes immediately upon use into a bag to be sanitized and laundered.

We will care for your home & business like we would want someone to do for ours. As part of security measures for your home, and the safety of our employees we will not answer your door while you are not on the premises unless you have requested we do so prior. Please understand we do not want to give anyone a chance to gain unauthorized access into your home.

We are not perfect people, so there might be an occasion where something gets missed in your home. Please call us and we will be happy to rectify that. We are very proud of the job we do and take great pride in our work.

Client appointments are kept on a regularly scheduled basis , so you will always know when to expect us. If you need to reschedule or make adjustments, we are flexible and can accommodate you generally each time.

Kathy Whelan-Loeffler