My mantra has always been to treat our customers the way we ourselves would wish to be treated. That includes the care of their homes and businesses.
~ Kathy Whelan-Loeffler, Owner

About Us

I started this company in the Fall of 2012. Having worked in corporate America for over 25 years, I was ready to relax. Unfortunately after a few months, that became absolutely boring!

A friend suggested that I start my own cleaning business, since I enjoy cleaning so much. On vacations to relatives homes, I spend the majority of my time cleaning their homes, doing their laundry, and having meals ready for them each evening when they return from work. For me, this is both relaxing and fun, and it feels wonderful knowing I am doing something to ease the burden of their day to day lives.

Since the beginning of this venture, I knew I wanted a company that people could count on and trust! I know how hard people have to work for their money, so I ensure they get exactly what they are paying for. We do not cut corners or perform any less today than we did when we first took on a particular client.

I am very particular as well when it comes to hiring the staff that services your location. You can feel comfortable knowing each employee has gone through numerous interviews, as well as a background check and drug testing before being hired.

Kathy Whelan-Loeffler